Custom Painted Figures

Hand Painted Pewter Troopers
Authentic Reproduction of State Police and Highway Patrol
Local and City Police Officers

Thank you for your interest in my "Hand Painted" pewter troopers. Each figure is individually detailed and finished.Due to the time and labor involved with painting each individual figure, your order may take approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery. Your understanding is appreciated since each figure requires extensive time and effort to complete.

The following is a partial list of Agencies available.
Contact me for details:

Department: # Department: #
Alaska State Trooper   New Hampshire State Police  
California Highway Patrol   New Jersey State Police  
Connecticut State Police   Mexico State Police  
Delaware State Police   New York State Police  
Illinois State Police   Pennsylvania State Police  
Kansas Highway Patrol   Rhode Island State Police  
Louisiana State Police   Texas Highway Patrol  
Maryland State Police   Washington State Patrol  
Maine State Police   West Virginia State Police  
Massachusetts State Police      
Michigan State Police   Royal Canadian Mounted Police  

State/City/Local (Please Specify)______________________________

Order Request

Name:_______________________ Phone:_________________ Email:________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________

Rank Preferred:__________________
Special Instructions:_______________________________________________________

The cost of each figure is $125.00 plus $3.95 for postage in the U.S. A color picture may be requested and patch to assist for authenticity and best results. They will be returned with the finished product. Custom Painted Figurines are made by a police officer for police officers.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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